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Greetings!  It has been a while.

As you are aware we have had lots of changes to the CERT family the last few years.  A significant change is that the author of this newsletter moved to the state of Washington and we had no one step up to takeover this task.  Starting this month, with the help of Area e CERT Coordinators and CERT members we will try to reinstate this valuable communication tool.

Though a newsletter has not been published on a continual basis, Area E cities have continued to schedule  Basic CERT classes and CERT refreshers.   Some of these classes and refreshers have been posted in the calendar and we will do our best to make sure all classes and refreshers are advertised on this website.  There have even been a few Basic CERT classes offered in Spanish.  Be advised if you have taken a basic CERT class in the past, you are welcome to take it again.  Invite family members and friends to take it with you!

In addition to our friend and colleague moving to Washington, we have had additional changes to the CERT family.  Some coordinators have retired while others have promoted to other positions in their cities or moved out of state.  We will list below the current CERT programs in Area E, along with the name of the point of contact.  This list will be continually updated as positions are filled and more CERT programs come back on line.

In November of last year a group of CERT Coordinators met with the Disaster Management Area E Coordinator to discuss how to re-energize the Area E regional CERT program and make plans for future classes, refreshers, workshops and events.  An Ad Hoc Committee of CERT Coordinators is being organized to begin to further develop a strategic plan for the program.

 At the November meeting it was decided that the 2018 Refreshers would concentrate on a single theme.  Based on the active shooter event in Las Vegas, a 4-part series was designed.  In January the theme of the refresher was “Immediate Response to an Active Shooter Incident.”  Deputy Fire Chief John O’Brien who was at the event at the time of the shooting was able to discuss his experience and actions taken.  In March the second refresher discussed “Medical Response During an Active Shooter Incident.”   In June we continue the series with “Disaster Psychology” and discuss the emotional and physical effects of an active shooter event.  A flyer and registration information will be posted soon.  In September the series will conclude with an “Active Shooter Exercise.”

Following is a list of upcoming events in our Area E cities (fliers will be posted as they become available):

  •          Whittier
    • Amateur Radio Technician Class, May 4, 5 and 6, 2018.
  •          Cerritos
    • Cerritos Safety Expo, Saturday, May 19, 2018, 1 to 4 PM, Cerritos Park East
  •          Downey
    • Basic CERT Class, September 22, 29 and October 6.  Downey Fire Station #1

Current  CERT programs in Area E:

  •          City of Cerritos.  POC:  Emely Merina
  •          City of Commerce.  POC: Ernie Fierro
  •          City of Compton.  POC: Stacy Barnes
  •          City of Downey.  POC:  Rakdy Khlok
  •          City of Lakewood.  POC: Chuck Martucci
  •          City of Whittier.  POC: Brad Petroff


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